The range of financial products for saving and risk management has experienced significant growth over the past 40 years, all within a context of advancements in technology, and transformations in the workplace as well as in retirement. Yet, research has shown that savers have limited knowledge of financial matters. Moreover, perceptions and psychological factors have been shown to play a key role in their decision-making process.

How can we ensure alignment between consumers-savers, the role played by the financial sector, the regulatory framework and public policy on retirement and savings? These questions, which have been sparsely explored in Quebec universities, are the focus of the Retirement and Savings Institute (RSI) of HEC Montréal.

The creation of the Institute was made possible by a major donation from Power Corporation of Canada made as part of the Campus Montréal fundraising campaign.

Mission and objectives

The aim of the Retirement and Savings Institute is to promote cutting-edge research at HEC Montréal, leading to a better understanding of retirement, savings and insurance issues. In order to achieve this, the Institute specifically intends to:

  • Facilitate the establishment of a critical mass of retirement and savings researchers in many disciplines and fields represented at HEC Montréal;
  • Support the recruitment of world-class professors-researchers at HEC Montréal;
  • Ensure the organization of international-level thematic events;
  • Support the transfer and dissemination of research findings on retirementand savings.