Media Mentions

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Articles and Interviews

  • Qui paiera pour les aînés?
    Article by Jean-Robert Sansfaçon of Le Devoir on aging and public finances, February 16.
    Perspective on the recent RSI/CREEi results on the future costs of long-term care in Quebec, in a CREEi chair working paper
  • Interview with Pierre-Carl Michaud on LCN
    Pierre-Carl was invited to comment on the excess mortality related to COVID-19 following the publication of the working paper “Counting the Dead […]“, November 15.
  • Épargner… et puis après ?
    Pierre-Carl Michaud quoted for an article in La Presse, on the topic of the difficulties of saving for retirement and the chalenges of disbursement after, October 6.
  • Et si on parlait de la culture financière des Québécois?
    Philippe d’Astous interviewed for an article in August in the magazine Leader, of the Association des directrices et directeurs généraux des caisses Desjardins, where he discusses the impact of the health crisis on personal finances and some conclusions of the RSI-CREEi-CIRANO survey conducted in May, August.
  • Enrichir le savoir… et les gens
    Pierre-Carl Michaud and Philippe d’Astous present the RSI and some of their work as part of an XTRA from the daily La Presse, April 19.
  • Une retraite sans risques ?
    Bernard Morency interviewed for an article in L’actualité on risk in defined benefit pension plans, February 5.
  • Les Canadiens boudent les solutions pour survivre à leur épargne
    Pierre-Carl Michaud interviewed for an article in the Journal de l’assurance (Report on longevity), January-February 2019 edition, pages 26-27.
  • La retraite à 40 ans
    David Boisclair interviewed as part of the “Banc public” television program on Télé-Québec, 10 May.
  • Vivre longtemps en bonne santé financière
    Pierre-Carl Michaud and David Boisclair contributed this text in the “100 idées pour faire avancer le Québec – vieillir sans être vieux” feature of La Presse+, 25 February.