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Through a competitive process, the RSI was selected as academic partner of the Dynamic Microsimulation Initiative of Employment and Social Development Canada. As such, the RSI will receive nearly $1.4 million by 2023 in order to build a Canadian retirement simulation model with ESDC and Statistics Canada.
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New Researcher

On September 3, Bertrand Achou joined the Institute as an Associate Researcher. Holding a Ph. D. from the Paris School of Economics, his research focuses mainly on the economic and financial risks after retirement and the implications of this for insurance and public policy.

The RSI Index combines the responses of 3,000 Canadians aged 35 to 54 to 6 questions of general financial knowledge and 23 program-specific questions on 4 different topics, for a total of 29 questions. For the first edition, the overall index is 36.5%, reflecting a limited knowledge of our multi-pillar system and of certain key concepts.
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